Vanuatu Tours While on Vacation

Although it’s easy to spend your time relaxing and doing very little, Vanuatu offers a stunning natural environment and unique culture that must be experienced on any vacation to the islands. Vanuatu vacation tours are the ideal way to discover some of the island’s most interesting and exciting activities including diving a luxury liner shipwreck, visiting traditional villages, witnessing unique cultural ceremonies, primitive art, performances and more.

Tours & Cruises

Vanuatu is a rich tapestry of nature, culture, adventure and scenic landscapes. From the capital of Port Vila to Espiritu Santo and the main island of Efate, there is so much to experience and enjoy on these Vanuatu vacation tours. From river canoeing to jungle zip lines, World War II history to cascading waterfalls, island safaris to scenic flights and village and cultural experiences to cruises, there’s a Vanuatu vacation tour to suit all travellers and interests.

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Vanuatu Diving

Famous for some of the world’s best diving, Vanuatu offers crystal clear waters and spectacular reef dive sites for all skill levels. With many of the best dive sites located within half an hour of the national capital Port Vila, there are an excellent range of dive operators who can kit you up and get you there. One of the world’s most sought after dives, the President Coolidge, is located off Espiritu Santo and is only recommended for experienced divers. However you should allow a number of days to fully appreciate and explore this incredible attraction.

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You wouldn’t be the first vacationer to fall under the spell of Vanuatu’s relaxed and laid back lifestyle, where everything moves slower however you simply cannot miss the opportunity to get out there and experience this majestic island’s incredible natural attractions, culture and adventure activities. Vanuatu vacation tours offer some excitement in your itinerary and are a welcome break from the surrounds of your resort. Spread out over your time in Vanuatu, you can still enjoy plenty of down time while making memories to last a lifetime.