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Thailand & Phuket

From the busy city of Bangkok to the popular beachside vacation destination of Phuket and naturally beautiful Koh Samui, Thailand offers a diversity of landscapes and culture. Scattered between the cities and towns, Thailand’s rural heartland is well worth exploring during your visit. The mix of squat villages, lush tropical forests and verdant rice paddies are all tied to the agriculture. The fields and forests of the north brush against rugged blue mountains which are punctuated by glittering waterfalls while in the south, scraggly limestone cliffs jut out from the farmed landscape like stone age skyscrapers.

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Located on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia, Thailand is an exotic, cultured and fun-loving country bordered by Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. Famous for its tropical beaches, lavish royal palaces, glittering temples and ancient ruins, this historic vacation destination blends modern city skylines with quiet canals and rural riverside villages, fertile rice terraces and some incredibly clear blue water.

Thailand Royal Palace

A big part of any Thailand vacation, the local cuisine conveys the most basic aspects of Thai culture. The warm yet refreshing cuisine is relaxed and served in generous portions, which is also an excellent summary of the friendly Thai people and their hospitality. Adored around the world, Thai cuisine utilises fresh local ingredients and is based on the fundamental four flavours: sweet, sour, spicy and salty. From the noodle shacks of Bangkok to the local market stalls, street food and seafood pavilions of Phuket, the flavours of Thailand reveal the simplicity which lies just beneath the surface of what appear to be complicated dishes.

A Buddhist nation, religious devotion is ever-present in Thailand. Golden Buddha’s, colourful celebrations and ornate temples can be found across the modern and rural landscapes. All over Thailand you will come across dashboards decorated with white garlands, cloth-wrapped trees and shrines placed in both residential homes and monumental malls to bring good fortune. Many visitors to Thailand choose to join this spiritual exchange through yoga and meditation retreats offered across the island.

Steeped in history, Thailand’s cultural legacy is expressed in the incredible monuments that are scattered across the country. Making for popular tourist attractions, these shrines and temples are respected and revered by visitors yet offer a unique insight into the local Thai culture. Surrounded by stunning gardens, the peaceful temple grounds can be visited on your own or as part of a tour. In fact much of Thailand can be enjoyed at your own leisure or with the convenience of a tour.

Festival Time in Bangkok

The stunning natural environment offers jungle treks, wildlife parks and scenic cruises which are all enhanced by the local knowledge provided by friendly guides. An excellent way to explore all that Thailand has to offer, you’ll discover some of Thailand’s best kept secrets.

Thailand’s excellent shopping, dining, entertainment and nightlife is certainly no secret and between the local markets and nightclubs, you can enjoy an entertaining if not unique insight into the daily life of the Thai people. However you can’t visit Thailand without experiencing the beauty of its coastlines and water. It’s jungle covered landscapes are a colourful contrast against the azure water and with many of the most popular vacation destinations located along the beachfront of the coast, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the many water based activities on offer.

A tropical getaway, Thailand is a diverse paradise that caters for everyone. From the sea cliffs of Krabi to the spa and health retreats of Koh Samui and the popular tourist region of Phuket, Thailand offers a relaxing cultural experience for all who visit its shores. Whether price or pauper, hedonist or hermit, Thailand vacations promise a great time for all.