Vacations to the South Pacific

Located southwest of North America, the South Pacific is an area of the Pacific Ocean home to some of the most beautiful and peaceful tropical islands in the southern hemisphere. South Pacific vacations are idyllic experiences where visitors can enjoy glorious warm sunny weather, ancient native cultures, friendly smiling locals and plenty of relaxation. Boasting some of the clearest blue water anywhere in the southern hemisphere, the islands of Fiji, Vanuatu and New Zealand offer a fantastic range of snorkelling, diving and cruises.

From the pristine beaches of Fiji to the brilliant blue holes of Vanuatu and the incredible fiords and adventure activities of New Zealand, South Pacific vacations offer some of the most popular destinations top kick back and relax or explore your new island home. So come and say Bula to Fiji, Alo to Vanyuatu or Kia Ora to New Zealand, the friendly locals are waiting and are eager to share their island paradise with you.

Fiji Vacations

Located approximately 10 hours by plane from Los Angeles, Fiji is a stunning tropical island archipelago made up of 300 islands, many of which are uninhabited. Famous for its ancient culture, spectacular beaches and sunny climate, Fiji offers incredible snorkelling and diving and is the ideal place to relax.
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Vanuatu Vacations

A spectacular volcanic archipelago, Vanuatu is comprised of 80 islands stretching over 800 miles. Situated around 11 hours by plane from LA, the popular island vacation destination is known for its stunning coral reefs and shipwreck dives, brilliant blue water holes, beautiful beaches and ancient culture.
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New Zealand Vacations

Located across the Tasman Sea 900 miles east of Australia, New Zealand’s majestic landscapes are divided into North and South Islands, compact enough that you can explore both. Situated 600 miles south of Fiji, NZ offers breathtaking fiords and rugged mountains made famous by the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
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